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Phoenix hold a core belief in mindfulness with regard to waste and offer a second-to-none litter picking service ensuring;

    - That any waste left on-site at your event is removed and the area restored to pristine condition.

    - Redirect waste to any other source than landfill (working to achieve Zero Waste).
    - We utilise all recycling tools and methods available to us to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill.
    - Over and above this, we work to prevent this waste being left in the first place by engaging with and educating the public.


developing ideas


We cater to small and medium sized events up to 30,000 attendance, mostly in Scotland and North England.

As far as possible, we take responsibility for re-using and regenerating waste into useful and desirable articles and occasions ourselves, outsourcing only where necessary. We have strong links with many community projects and similarly minded organisations.

We also have strong links with decor and are involved with this at many festivals and events, using a variety of techniques to construct original, resourceful, vibrant decor to set the background of the event. This aspect of our work ties back into both litter picking and the Lair, and we source many of our materials from the very waste we clear up. Within the Lair, we continue to construct decor while the event is live, through interactive public workshops, and continue to build the site around us as the event unfolds. We also construct costumes to be displayed in performances that we put on later the same day (e.g. battle costumes for 'litter wars', outlandish costumes for parades, dances and other events).