If you'd like to get involved or seek our services, please get in touch via our contact page or by emailing info@phoenix-crew.co.uk

The Phoenix Collective itself is a diverse group of people who share a love of live music, green fields and endless summers.


The Collective members develop festival related businesses and staff them with other interested members. Born out of the Scottish free party and wee festival scene, The Phoenix Collective have given their time and energy to help bring people together and enjoy live music by providing more than just litter crews or event waste management services at these events.


We have helped with production, build, stewarding, car parking, welfare, decor and catering. In keeping with the ethos behind the free party scene, all these services were provided gratis. This work took us from the beaches of the Galloway to halfway up the mountains of Glen-Coe.


It was always our intention to take the Phoenix Collective's litter crew into the festival scene proper and so in the summer of 2013 Phoenix Event Waste Management was created. We did not take this step to make money, but because all of us in the core group who run the event waste management side of things, care passionately about the environment and agreed that we could provide more eco-centric event waste management services than those already on offer within the industry.


Coming at our business from such an angle meant that we were able to place our commitment to our work above profit. And so, we believe, we can offer the most competitive rates in the event waste management sector.